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Također vas mogu zanimati sljedeći pojmovi / You may also be interested in the following terms:

  1. zagolicati - titillate

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Maida, (02.05.2008)
Tickling: Tickling is the act of touching a part of the body, so as to cause involuntary twitching movements or laughter. Such sensations can be pleasurable or exciting, but are sometimes considered highly unpleasant, particularly in the case of relentless heavy tickling. Izgovor:

Maida, (02.05.2008)
To touch (the body) lightly so as to cause laughter or twitching movements. To tease or excite pleasurably; titillate: suspense that tickles the reader\'s curiosity. To fill with mirth or pleasure; delight. See synonyms at please.

Maida, (02.05.2008)

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