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Također vas mogu zanimati sljedeći pojmovi / You may also be interested in the following terms:

  1. subjekata - entities
  2. subjekt - specimen, subject
  3. subjekt odstup - human bias
  4. subjekt u rečenici - subject
  5. subjektivan - subjektive
  6. subjektivna odgovornost - culpability

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eldin, (21.10.2009)
šta znači riječ subjektivan ili subjektivno
Nesto sto je zasnovano na vlastitome uvjerenju a ne na stvarima koje su zasnovane na cinjenicama spoljnoga svijeta...

Proceeding from or taking place in a person's mind rather than the external world: a subjective decision.
Particular to a given person; personal: subjective experience.
Moodily introspective.
Existing only in the mind; illusory.
Psychology. Existing only within the experiencer's mind.
Medicine. Of, relating to, or designating a symptom or condition perceived by the patient and not by the examiner.
Expressing or bringing into prominence the individuality of the artist or author.
Grammar. Relating to or being the nominative case.
Relating to the real nature of something; essential.

eldin, (19.10.2009)
šta znači riječ subjektivan ili subjektivno

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