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acknowledge, affirm, allege, approve, assert, attest, avouch, bear out, certify, confirmconfirm, corroborate, prove, ratify, reaffirm, sanction, support its claim, validate, verify

Također vas mogu zanimati sljedeći pojmovi / You may also be interested in the following terms:

  1. potvrda - acknowledgement, acquittance, affirmation, approbation, certificate, endorsement, form, grant, receipt, sanctionsanction, testify, verification, yes
  2. potvrda o depozitu - certificate of deposit
  3. potvrda o primitku - receipt
  4. potvrda o prometu robe - movement certificate
  5. potvrda o prometu robe EUR.1 - movement certificate EUR.1
  6. potvrda o ženskom spolu - certificate of femininity

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