otvor za otjecanje

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Također vas mogu zanimati sljedeći pojmovi / You may also be interested in the following terms:

  1. otvor - aperature, aperture, embrasure, gap, mesh, mouth, muzzle, nozzle, opening, orificeorifice, perforation, puncture, rift, scuttle, slit, slot, split, spout, throat, window
  2. otvor za otjecanje - scupper
  3. otvor za pisma - manhole, forthright
  4. otvor za provjetravanje - windhole, forthright
  5. otvora - opening
  6. otvoren - broken, brusque, candid, direct, downright, evident, forthright, frank, honest, nakednaked, open, open hearted, open minded, open space, open-end, opened, outspoken, overt, patent, plain, plain spoken, sincere, stand up, straightstraight, straightforward, uncovered, undisguised, unequivocal

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