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alienate, deterprevent, repugnance

Također vas mogu zanimati sljedeći pojmovi / You may also be interested in the following terms:

  1. odvraćanje - deterrent, preventiondetestable, prevent
  2. odvraćati - alienate, deterprevent, repugnance
  3. odvratan - abhorrent, abominable, accursed, awful, contemptible, cursed, detestable, repugnancedistasteful, execrable, hatefulhateful, heinous, hideous, lamsome, loathsome, nasty, nauseous, noisome, obnoxious, odious, offensive, outrageous, poisonous, repellent, repugnantrepugnant, repulsive, revoltin, shocking, sickening, ugly, uninviting, villainous
  4. odvratiti - abstract, avert, deflect, dissuade, divert, preclude, prevent, side track
  5. odvratnost - abomination, antipathy, aversion, distaste, nausea, recoil, repugnance, repulsion, revolt, revulsionrevulsion

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